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Hoop Hop Rock Paper Scissors is a variation of RPS created by Eric Branch. This game uses hula hoops to form a line, teams line up at either end of the hula hoops. On go, competitors will race towards each other, when they meet they play rock paper scissors to decide who will continue. This is a great active version of RPS that everyone loves playing! It also goes by the name of hula hoop rock paper scissors and rock paper scissors relay. This new variation of rock paper scissors is the biggest thing in rock paper scissors since Sam Kass added Lizard and Spock!
With more than 30 years of roof leak repair experience, Black Cat Roofing has established itself to offer quality roof leaks services provider in Sydney. We offer roof penetration repairs for residential buildings to fix leaking roofs.
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Singapore Kung Fu School with Private and Group Classes on Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, Shaolin Gongfu, Hung Gar Kung Fu, Qigong, Chinese Weapons. Best Quality Martial Arts For Self Defence and Good Health.
Win Money with Real Money Games Online You Can Challenge Real Players with Real Money and Win Cash Playing 8 Ball Pool, Your one stop gaming App with guaranteed fun and maximum challenge to your skill. 1) Make Real Money; 2) Quick & Easy Withdrawals; 3) 100% Legal Game Play.
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